Your Vehicle 101 Course

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Let’s face it, times have changed and so have cars! Back in the day, as they say, many drivers knew how to do some basic vehicle maintenance. You could pop open your hood and see the engine clearly, easily find the oil cap, and the battery was in plain sight. Now, vehicles have become so advanced that the average person doesn’t even know what they’re looking at when they open their hood because of all the wiring, hoses, and plastic covers!

Well, you might be thinking, isn’t that good for auto repair shops? Sure it is, but we believe it’s still important for drivers to be able to check on certain aspects of their vehicle themselves. Being able to check your own oil, fix a flat tire, or knowing what to do in an emergency are all valuable skills that everyone should know! 

This got us thinking, how does one learn about car maintenance and safety? If you grew up on a farm, you work on a bunch of equipment and learn these skills. If your parents had time to teach you, or if you learned in school you would know. You could also teach yourself by watching videos or reading books. Unfortunately, these options are becoming less common and drivers are not as educated on these skills as they used to be.

That’s why we’ve created the Your Vehicle 101 Course to teach drivers the basic maintenance and safety for their vehicle. Our course is broken up into three main categories: Interior, exterior, and safety. A few items included in this course are how to check primary fluids, changing a tire, and roadside emergency knowledge. We’ll have one of our trusted advisors walk you into the shop and go through a checklist that covers all of the important maintenance and safety checks you should know about your vehicle. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn hands-on and ask questions throughout the course.

After completing this course, not only will drivers receive a certificate that acknowledges their new skills in vehicle maintenance and safety, they are going to leave feeling much more confident when driving their vehicle.

Whether this is for you or your child, we believe that the Your Vehicle 101 Course (which takes 45 minutes or less with an oil change) is one of the best things you can do regarding vehicle ownership. This is also a great opportunity for teens to schedule their first appointment at an auto repair shop and feel more comfortable in doing so in the future.

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