What Causes Potholes

You’re driving along the road and feel your car sink into what feels like a crater. As potholes line the streets and highways, local officials are rushing behind to repair them. Pothole repair is expensive and a never-ending job. Potholes along the road usually don’t get fixed right away, leaving it a priority to get regular vehicle maintenance with your trusted automotive shop here in St. Petersburg, FL. What causes potholes, anyway? Below are a few reasons potholes are a regular occurrence during your drive: 

Asphalt Damage: Sometimes, vehicle accidents and flat tires can weaken the road surface and create holes or gouges. If the edges of a road receive a lot of vehicle activity, it can result in surface breaks since this is usually the weaker spot on the road. 

Unsealed asphalt: These are areas on the roads that are left unsealed due to cracks and depressions. These small depressions make it possible for water to accumulate. If a road surface is adequately built, any water accumulation will be able to flow to the edge of the road, verges, or drains. If there are cracks in the road surface, the water that has accumulated can weaken the underlying structure of the asphalt and dissolve the dirt. From this point, as vehicles drive along the road, their tires can pull up parts of the road and carry it away.  

Utilities: There are a few utility components that can lead to asphalt damage. Any metal plates made to access underground services have weak spots surrounding them. Sometimes the trenches that are cut into the road to repair subterranean pipes can also weaken the asphalt. Induction loops for traffic light sensors put small cuts into the surface that cause weak spots. 

City Budgets: The city budget may not be large enough to support the expense of building and maintaining the roads. Small potholes can lead to larger ones, and once one is fixed, another may occur. 

While distance learning and working from home may decrease the number of potholes that decorate the road, they won’t disappear anytime soon. Time and resources are limited, making pothole damage still a significant threat to your vehicle. If your car dips into a pothole, reach out to Victory Auto Service. Our ASE trained automotive technicians in St. Petersburg would be happy to inspect your vehicle and get you back on the road safely.

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