Does a Car Battery Need to be Serviced?

Your vehicle's battery and connecting cables are important when it comes to providing the electricity required to not only start, but run your vehicle. While the battery has help from the alternator and charging system components to keep its charge, it is still the main electrical output source and therefore is vital to the overall operation of your car. We know that so many of our other vehicle components, such as the brakes and air conditioning system, need to be serviced periodically to maintain proper operation. So the question is, does your battery need to be serviced?

Your vehicle's battery doesn't necessarily have to be serviced, however it should be regularly looked at for any signs of corrosion or fraying of connecting cables. You may have experienced looking under your vehicle's hood and noticing that the positive and negative terminals on your battery have gunk on them. This is due to battery acid and corrosion, which can happen with older batteries. If this is the case with your vehicle now, having your battery properly cleaned and inspected by a professional can save you the time and hassle of having to deal with a car that won't start. 

Typically, a battery service will include disconnecting the positive and negative cables from the battery, cleaning the terminals and cable ends, and then reconnecting the cables. We also test the battery to get an idea of how much charge it has left. If your battery is corroding, chances are its is at least a few years old. Batteries typically only last between 4-6 years, so that is something you may want to keep in mind. 

If you notice any of the following, we recommend having your battery serviced and cleaned: 

  • Car has trouble starting
  • Visible deposits or corrosion on the battery
  • Signs of wear on the battery cables

For all of your battery service in St Petersburg needs, bring your vehicle into the experts here at Victory Auto Service today. 

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