Monthly Archives: July 2020

What Causes Potholes

You’re driving along the road and feel your car sink into what feels like a crater. As potholes line the streets and highways, local officials are rushing behind to repair them. Pothole repair is expensive and a never-ending job. Potholes along the road usually don’t get fixed right away, leaving it a priority to get regular vehicle maintenance with your trusted automotive shop here in St. Petersburg, FL. What causes potholes, anyway? Below are a few reasons potholes are a regular occurrence during your drive:  Asphalt Damage: Sometimes, vehicle accidents and flat tires can weaken the road surface and create holes or gouges. If the edges of a road receive a lot of vehicle activity, it can result in surface breaks since this is usually the weaker spot on the road.  Unsealed asphalt: These are areas on the roads that are left unsealed due to cracks and depressions. These small depressions make it possible for water to accumulate ... read more

Should you Sleep in your Car?

You’re on a long road trip, and a wave of fatigue hits you like a sack of bricks. You blast the A/C to wake you up, but the cold air reminds you of the peaceful hum of the fan you sleep under at home. There isn’t any rest stop. With a few restaurants several miles ahead, you consider pulling over for a quick cat nap. There currently aren’t any nationwide laws that make sleeping in your car illegal, but you can suffer some extreme consequences depending on where you are. Car cat nap regulations are left up to each state. Sometimes a city may have specific laws in place to prevent dozing off in your car. No matter how many extra preparations we make, getting tired or fatigue is a normal phenomenon. There isn’t enough coffee in the world that can substitute a decent amount of sleep. If you don’t have expressed permission to sleep on private property (outside of your own), many cities have options. There are rest areas, campgrounds, 24-hour retailers, and tru ... read more

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