5 Essential Maintenance Task Your Vehicle Will Love You for This Fall in St. Petersburg

October is a great time to give your car a little TLC for Fall Car Care Month. Vehicle maintenance reduces wear and tear while also preventing costly repairs. A vehicle performing at its best increases its safety and boosts performance. A car struggling to operate will also struggle to consume fuel, causing a huge hit to fuel efficiency. Fall is the perfect time to prepare your vehicle for the colder winter season. Below are five essential maintenance tasks you should consider for your car this Fall. 
Inspect Your Car Battery 
Heat can be extremely harmful to your car's battery; it decreases its lifespan. As the weather cools off in St. Petersburg, check your battery to ensure its life throughout the colder months. Reach out to your trusted automotive facility or purchase a battery tester to keep inside your vehicle. If your car is older, watch for any electrical signs that the battery is dying and make sure everything is turned off before getting out.

Check the Tire Tread
Worn tire tread can increase stopping distances and decrease driving stability, especially on wet roads. Without adequate tire tread, your tires can come to a slide on damp road surfaces. The tire tread tells you a lot about your wheels' health and is the perfect opportunity to ensure the wheels are balanced and the tires are aligned. 
Check the Coolant 
Coolant has essential anti-corrosive additives and lubricants created for the water pump. It keeps your vehicle in the best working shape to prevent the engine from cracking and freezing. Maintenance involves scheduling a coolant flush to rid the system of any rust or scale deposits. Over time these pollutants can build-up resulting in overheating over time. 

Check the Cabin Air Filter 
A vehicle has several essential components, but the cabin air filter is the most forgotten. Unfortunately, this filter shouldn't be neglected because it prevents air pollutants from entering our lungs during the drive. Ignoring dirty cabin filters isn't just hazardous for your health but can result in significant setbacks for your vehicle. A clogged air filter can stress the blower motor and, in severe cases, overheat the engine. 

Create an Emergency Kit 
You may be choosing to drive more in the wake of this pandemic; ensure you're prepared for the unexpected. Take some time to check that your vehicle has a few essentials such as a spare tire, flashlight, seat belt cutter, jumper cables, tools, and first aid kit. 

Fall Vehicle Maintenance Service in St. Petersburg
For thorough inspections from expert automotive technicians, consider Victory Auto Service for your fall vehicle maintenance. 

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